Quality Control

About NFQS

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  • “ Environmentally friendly fish and fishery products ” mean the items from environmentally friendly fishing industry or hygienically processed using such products

    “Environmentally friendly fishing industry” means the fishing industry producing safe fish and fishery products not using any toxic chemicals or minimally using drugs for animal use while preserving water environment


  • Promotion of environmentally friendly fishing industry and protection of consumers

Legal basis

  • Article 20 of Agricultural and Fishery Products Quality Control Act
  • Article 40 and 45 of Regulation of Agricultural and Fishery Products Quality Control Act

Certification standard

  • The water quality of farm should meet the water quality standard designated and notified by the minister in accordance with Article 2 of Enforcement of the Framework Act on Environmental Policy
  • Seedlings used for farming need to attest disease-free
  • Record of farming process from seedlings to shipment needs maintaining for traceability
  • Other certification criteria are determined and notified by the minister

Labelling of Environmentally Friendly Fish and Fishery Products

  • The mark should be printed or labelled on the product package
  • Mark of Environmentally Friendly Fish and Fishery Products
    ECO SAFOOK mark

The Term of Validity

  • The term of certification is 2 years from the date of the certification

follow-up management

  • Investigation of the producing process
    • Semiannually inspect compliance with provision of the certification standard in the production and shipment of certified products
  • Investigation of products on the market
    • Semiannually inspect certified products displayed and stored for sale)
    • Inspect false labelling, compliance with the shipment standard, a mixture with uncertified products

Evaluation process

  • Apply → schedule the process including a certification council → notify the process → documents check and on-site examination (partial exemptions while applying for a period extension) → determine the certification → issue the certificate in case of its meeting the standard (notify the applicant of the reason for disapproval)

    The way and process of evaluation follows Appendix 10 of the Enforcement Regulation